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Brenda Sturges

Brenda Sturges and Phil Gambrell were the founding partners of Gambrell & Sturges in 2005.  

Brenda brought an extensive insurance background, honed over 20+ years, and an entrepreneurial spirit and experience that enabled her to start and sell several successful businesses.

Brenda is the Insurance Geek’s Geek.  Who else would read policies for fun or successfully challenge a large Florida carrier for charging their policyholders for appraisal items that were excluded from the carrier’s policy … because she knew their policy better than they did.    That kind of in-depth knowledge of the condo association policies is what helped save their clients and firmly establish their young agency almost 20 years ago and continues to this day.

Phil and Brenda’s original mission was to absolutely spoil their customers with a high level of service provided by employees who were empowered to Do The Right Thing first and foremost.

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