Condominium Insurance


Insuring condominiums does not lend itself to a point & click, fill in the blank quote process. Successfully insuring condominiums requires an agency dedicated to developing an in-depth knowledge and understanding of all facets of your community association. An agency that wants to ensure you not only have appropriate coverages but get every discount available based on your association’s age, construction and protective safeguards.

At Gambrell & Sturges we believe in the personal approach, a real person to answer your calls an account managers that are available 24/7.

Our business plan is simple. We don’t want thousands of customers, personal lines and commercial.We write condominium associations, period. We work closely with each association we insure to provide a high level of customer service, tailored to their personal needs.

If you’re ready to experience that same level of knowledge and service please call us at 850-547- 0065.