About Us - Gambrell & Sturges LLC

Gambrell and Sturges has a very simple business model, we are a commercial insurance agency that
specializes in coastal condominium associations.

Our business focus and approach is unique:

• In-depth knowledge of the coastal condo market an insurance coverages

• Paperless agency – all customer files, etc. are scanned for easy access by all personnel whether
they are in the field or in the office

• Web-based agency management system - enables the staff to operate anywhere there is power
and internet access in the event of a storm. The system is tested twice a year.

• Free Association Websites – G&S provides each client with a free website. Your site will
be customized with your logo and contact information. Your staff will be able to attach board
minute, budget information, photos, newsletters, etc. for viewing by your unit owners as easily as
they attach documents to email. You control the login for your unit owners and we’ll provide the
one-on-one training to your staff.

• Disaster Response Team – the agency has self-contained travel trailers and is able to relocate
to affected areas (if needed) once a storm has passed. The mobile offices contain laptops,
computers, printers, scanners, fax machines and cell phones along with all the tools necessary to
assist customers with claims following a storm.

• Agency Principals also have non-insurance experience - Brenda Sturges and Phil Gambrell,
have over 45 years combined insurance experience. In addition, both have owned or managed
successful businesses. They know first hand how it feels to sit “on the other side of the desk” and
make insurance purchasing decisions.

We appreciate your interest in our agency and hope to have the opportunity to prove to you that Gambrell
& Sturges is worthy of your association’s consideration.

Company Mission Statement:

At Gambrell & Sturges our mission is simple and sincere, we will "Do the right thing" in all

We will be fair and honest in our dealings with customers, brokers, companies and vendors;

• We will provide personalized services that exceeds our customers’ expectations

• We will use a variety of markets to ensure that we provide the most appropriate coverage at the best possible price